FB Ads Intensive Course - Freedom Package Installment Option

Introducing Our Freedom Package Installment Option! 🎉 😍 💰⁣⁣
To uphold the mission of providing quality and affordable Facebook ads education to everyone, we are announcing our Freedom Package Installment Option.⁣⁣
Complete details, terms and conditions are below:⁣⁣
🔶 Availability and Limitation:⁣⁣

- The Freedom Package Installment Option is available for purchase until further notice.

- All of our offered payment methods are available for the payment plan. Bank Deposit / Funds Transfer, GCash or PayMaya, Credit/Debit Card and PayPal.⁣⁣
🔶 Payment Plan and Installment:⁣⁣

- The Freedom Package will now be available for 2 installment payments.⁣⁣

- The Freedom Package Installment will have a slightly higher total price commitment than the usual one-time payment.⁣⁣
🔶 1st Installment Payment:⁣⁣

- Amount: P5,500⁣⁣

- Includes access to the Basic and Intermediate Packages⁣⁣

- Can join the Warriors Club after full payment.⁣⁣
🔶 2nd Installment Payment:⁣⁣

- Due after 30 days of 1st Installment Payment⁣⁣

- Amount: P5,500⁣⁣

- Will get access to the Advanced Package⁣⁣

- Can join the Warriors Club⁣⁣

- All other benefits of the Freedom Package unlocked⁣⁣

- An email reminder and SMS will be sent 1 week before the 2nd installment payment is due.⁣⁣
❓ What if the student fails to make the 2nd Installment Payment after 30 days?⁣⁣

- The student will only get to keep access to the Basic and Intermediate Packages.⁣⁣

- Should the student complete the 2nd Installment Payment at a later date at the same price of the 1st Installment, then that’s fine. All other benefits of the Freedom Package will be unlocked.⁣⁣
Sample Scenario:⁣⁣

November 1, 2020
- Availed the Freedom Package Installment Option⁣⁣
- First payment of 5,500⁣⁣
- Access to Basic and Intermediate packages⁣⁣

November 24, 2020
- Email and SMS reminder that 2nd installment payment will be due in 1 week⁣⁣

December 1, 2020
- Second payment of 5,500⁣⁣
- Full access to the Freedom package and all of the benefits included⁣⁣
⭐️ How to Avail the Freedom Package Installment Option (non-students yet)⁣⁣
1. Go to https://shop.fbadsintensive.com/products/fbai-course⁣⁣

2. Under Payment Option, select "Two Installment Payments of P5,500 each" as shown in the screenshot below.⁣⁣

3. Then click Add to Cart and finish the Checkout process.⁣⁣

4. Make the payment and then fill out the payment form after making the payment: https://fbadsintensive.com/paymentform⁣⁣
Direct link to Installment option: https://shop.fbadsintensive.com/products/fbai-course?variant=32929177894946⁣⁣
⭐️ For existing non-Freedom Package students who'd like to upgrade to the Freedom Package and avail the Installment option, please email support@fbadsintensive.com for your custom upgrade computation.⁣⁣
All the details, terms and conditions outlined in the Freedom Package Payment Plan and Installment Option can be changed at any time by the discretion of the Facebook Ads Intensive Team without prior notice.

Hoping that this Installment option will make it financially easier for everyone who's interested to jumpstart their Facebook ads journey with us!⁣⁣

If you have any questions about this, please email us at support@fbadsintensive.com. 😁 📥⁣
- LJ⁣ 😉⁣
Founder, Facebook Ads Intensive Course